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3-1393819-1 Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - TE Connectivity Ltd

tên linh kiện 3-1393819-1
Nội dung chi tiết  Great variety of contact arrangements and materials to meet specific applications
tải về  10 Pages
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nhà sản xuất  TEC [TE Connectivity Ltd]
Trang chủ  http://www.te.com/usa-en/home.html

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07-2012, Rev. 0712
© 2011 Tyco Electronics Corporation,
a TE Connectivity Ltd. company
Datasheets and product specification
according to IEC 61810-1 and to be used
only together with the ‘Definitions’ section.
Datasheets and product data is subject to the
terms of the disclaimer and all chapters of
the ‘Definitions’ section, available at
Datasheets, product data, ‘Definitions’ sec-
tion, application notes and all specifications
are subject to change.
Signal Relays
Cradle N Relay V23154/V23162 (Continued)
PCB layout
TOP view on component side of PCB
V23154-M/Nxx versions
V23154-Mxxx, size I type
V23154-Nxxx, size II type
M = Earth terminal
a) Hole for mechanical armature actuation, if required
b) Hole for socket mounting with screw M1.6.
Instructions for Impulse Operation
The maximum voltage stated in the part code table can be increased for
impulse operation as follows:
UII Impuls
UII tambxq
UII tamb
Maximum continuous voltage at ambient temperature tamb
The impulse voltage must not exceed 80% of the test voltage (winding/
frame or winding/winding) or 2.5 times the value of the maximum voltage
listed in the part code table.
IftED ≤ 3s then q=
; IftED = Pulse width, t2 = Cycle time. If tED > 3s the
value of q must be obtained from the nomograph.
Examples of various periodic pulse trains (energizing side)
1. Periodic recurrence of one energizing pulse
2. Periodic recurrence of two unequal energizing pulses
tED = tI + tII
tI + tII = Pulse widths
within one cycle

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