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TS61 Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd

tên linh kiện TS61
Nội dung chi tiết  Voltage Detector
tải về  7 Pages
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nhà sản xuất  TSC [Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd]
Trang chủ  http://www.taiwansemi.com

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TS61 Series
Voltage Detector
Version: A07
Directions for use
1. Please use this IC within the stated maximum ratings. Operation beyond these limits may cause degrading or
permanent damage to the device.
2. When a resistor is connected between the VIN pin and the input CMOS output configurations, oscillation may occur
as a result of voltage drops at RIN if load current (IOUT) exists. (refer to the Oscillation Description ① below).
3. When a resisted is connected between the VIN pin and the input with CMOS output configurations, irrespective of
N-ch output configurations, oscillation may occur as a result of through current at the time of voltage release even if
load current (IOUT) does not exist. (refer to the Oscillation Description ② below)
4. In order to stabilize the IC’s operations, please ensure that VIN pin’s input frequency’s rise and fall times are more
than several µs/V.
5. Please use N-ch open drains configuration, when a resistor RIN is connected between the VIN pin and power source.
In such cases, please ensure that RIN is less than kΩ and that C is more than 0.1µF.
Diagram: Circuit using an input resistor
Oscillation Description
When the voltage applied at IN rises, release operations commence and the detector’s output voltage increases. Load
current (IOUT) will flow at RL. Because a voltage drop (RIN x IOUT) is produced at the RIN resistor, located between the
input (IN) and the VIN pin, the load current will flow via the IC’s VIN pin. The voltage drop will also lead to a fall in the
voltage level at the VIN pin. When the VIN pin voltage level falls below the detec voltage level, detect operations will
commence. Following detect operations, load current flow will cease and since voltage drop at RIN will disappear, the
voltage level at the VIN pin will rise and release operations will begin over again. Oscillation may occur with this
“release-detect-release” repetition. Further, this condition will also appear via means of a similar mechanism during
detect operations.
Diagram 1: Oscillation in relation to output current

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