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MC33368P Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - ON Semiconductor

tên linh kiện MC33368P
Nội dung chi tiết  High Voltage GreenLine TM Power Factor Controller
tải về  16 Pages
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nhà sản xuất  ONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]
Trang chủ  http://www.onsemi.com

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at very low duty cycles, preventing their destruction. If the
short circuit fault is removed, the power supply system will
turn on by itself in a normal startup mode after the restart
delay has timed out.
Output Switching Frequency Clamp
In normal operation, the MC33368 operates the boost
inductor in the critical mode. That is, the inductor current
ramps to a peak value, ramps down to zero, then
immediately begins ramping positive again. The peak
current is programmed by the multiplier output within the
IC. As the input voltage haversine declines to near zero, the
output switch on−time becomes constant, rather than going
to zero because of the small integrated dc voltage at Pin 5
caused by C2, R3 and R5. Because of this, the average line
current does not exactly follow the line voltage near the zero
crossings. The Output Switching Frequency Clamp
remedies this situation to improve power factor and
minimize EMI generated in this operating region. The
values of R10 and C7, as shown in Figure 16, program a
minimum off−time in the frequency clamp which overrides
the zero current detect signal, forcing a minimum off−time.
This allows discontinuous conduction operation of the boost
inductor in the zero crossing region, and the average line
current more nearly follows the voltage. The Output
Switching Frequency Clamp function can be disabled by
connecting the FC input, Pin 13, to the VCC supply Pin 12.
For best results, the minimum off−time, determined by the
values of R10 and C7, should be chosen so that ts(min) = t(on)
+ t(off)fc. Output drive is inhibited when the voltage at the
frequency clamp input is less than 2.0 V. When the output
drive is high, C7 is discharged through an internal 100
current source. When the output drive switches low, C7 is
charged through R10. The drive output is inhibited until the
voltage across C7 reaches 2.0 V, establishing a minimum
off−time where:
(off)fc +*
R10 C7 loge 1 *
The IC contains a CMOS output driver that was
specifically designed for direct drive of power MOSFETs.
The Gate Output is capable of up to
±1500 mA peak current
with a typical rise and fall time of 50 ns with a 1.0 nF load.
Additional internal circuitry has been added to keep the Gate
Output in a sinking mode whenever the Undervoltage
Lockout is active. This characteristic eliminates the need for
an external gate pull−down resistor. The totem−pole output
has been optimized to minimize cross−conduction current
during high speed operation.

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